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Dragon Pearl Supports Our Troops with Tea
Dragon Pearl Tea Company is against the war in Iraq, but supports the troops by sending them green tea

November 7, 2007

Grover Beach, CA-- Sergeant Kolmar, stationed in Iraq, is one of the thousands of troops who now have received natural green tea from California-based Dragon Pearl Tea. He sent his thanks for the U.S. Troop Care Package that contained a travel-size version of Dragon Pearl's most popular tea product. "Our Platoon buddy loved the tea," he wrote. "He has several glasses a day. Personally I don't know how he does it when it's still in the 104's every day! Many people say they 'support the troops' but you actually showed it. Thanks."

Judah Sanders and Dave Dahl, co-founders of the California-based Dragon Pearl Tea Company, are against the war in Iraq but they feel compelled to support the men and women who are serving there. The tea company has shipped almost $10,000 worth of green tea to the US forces on duty in Iraq.

"We feel it's our duty to show appreciation for those who are serving in the military for this country," said Judah, CEO of Dragon Pearl. "Our company is about tea and the tea ceremony, finding inner peace and lifestyle balance. If we can share a little bit of that with the U.S. armed forces, we are furthering our mission."

Two hundred and fifty cases of Dragon Pearl Tea were shipped this fall through an all-volunteer group called U.S. Troop Care Package (www.ustroopcarepackage.com).

According to Dave Dahl, the organic green tea travel packs will help keep the troops alert and well, and are a healthy alternative to coffee and soda.

Dragon Pearl Tea is a California-based company that imports fresh whole-leaf teas from exclusive organic farm co-ops in the mountains of Fujian, China.

More information about whole-leaf teas, including a video showing the process of serving tea in the traditional way used in Chinese tea shops, and a video teaching the basics of Chinese tea and highlighting the beauty of mountain-grown organic tea can be found at dragonpearltea.com.

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