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June 28, 2010

The Strongest Green Tea in the World
California's Answer to Espresso Shots

Grover Beach, California - If you think green tea doesn't have much caffeine, think again. Dragon Pearl Tea claims they have the strongest green tea in the world, and that it's loaded with caffeine as well as tea and berry antioxidants.

"We start with the most potent organic green tea," explains Judah Sanders, co-founder and CEO of Dragon Pearl Tea. "We use fresh whole leaves from the Fujian Mountains, and we brew it into a concentrate so powerful you couldn't drink it straight up."

The highly-concentrated tea is mixed with Concord grape, pomegranate, blueberry and acai berry juices for a flavorful, powerful green tea shot.

The result? "It makes you feel great," says Sanders. "Instead of using mood-altering chemicals that can cause long-term damage to your system, you can drink a delicious super green tea shot and get a healthy dose of natural antioxidants for your body."

"Humans have been drinking tea to feel revived for thousands of years," added tea maker and co-founder Dave Dahl. "A lot of people are being told by their doctors to drink green tea, but the vast majority of green tea in America is stale, flavorless tea flakes, and this is the kind of impotent tea used in teabags and supplements. We take the most potent, high-quality green and made it as strong as you can possibly brew it."

Dragon Pearl's Super Natural tea shots are launching in Southern California this month.

Dragon Pearl Tea is a California-based company that imports fresh whole-leaf teas from an exclusive organic farm co-op in the coastal Fujian Mountains of mainland China. More detailed information is available at supernaturaltea.com.

Co-Founder Judah Sanders at the Tea Warehouse

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